7 Ways to Break from Covid

We are in unique times right now with this thing called Social Distancing. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun or get a break from the stress of figuring out what tomorrow is going to be like…

Social distancing is about being respectful to others and protecting ourselves. It doesn’t mean having to be stressed 24/7. Here are 7 things you can do in order to enjoy today and tomorrow.

The 7 Things to allow a break from Social-Distancing

  1. If you’re at home with your partner, significant other or your entire family, make a coffee or smoothie date. Select Starbucks and Pinkberry stores are open for pickup along with many other Local Businesses. Order your favorite treat and set a time to meet your Significant Other or others in the yard to just enjoy a sip and listen to the great outdoors or watch a sunset. Oh, and leave the electronics inside.
  • Extra Bonus – Toss a blanket on the lawn under a tree or put some flowers on the patio table. Your partner will reward you with a great smile.
  1. Turn off the news and social media for an hour or 4. Replace the noise of repeated headlines with the tones of your favorite music. Take it a step further and use Pandora, Apple, Amazon or Spotify to pick out your favorite genres and make sure that your beloved tunes are not interrupted with those annoying headlines.
  1. What? No electronics!! OMG that brings us to #3 Need something to do while in your yard. Try any of these:
  • Notice the lack of traffic driving by – How long can you hear nothing 1, 2, 3, 4… Longest count wins the round.
  • Listen to the birds
  • Remember that blanket from above? Just look into the trees overhead and watch the leaves blowing or try to spot one of the chirping birds… BTW If he is directly overhead you might want to move a bit…
  • 3 Silly wishes… It’s a get to know you game and silly discussions are guaranteed to be had. You start by asking about 3 Silly wishes you would like to have come true… Works best if you don’t tie them to current events.
  1. Grab a board game or a deck of cards, they are great for passing time and STAYING ENGAGED with each other… (this works best if the electronics are in another room, also works great outside)
  1. Walk out Movie Night – Now that the temperatures are warming, we all have tablets, phones, notebook computers that plug into that 100in TV or grab a projector, Bluetooth speaker and a sheet then set up the Netflix Movie night in the back yard or on the garage door!! Beach blankets, popcorn and your favorite beverage. Oh, and since you’re not driving, adult beverages are totally acceptable if you’re of legal drinking age.
  • Want to kick this one up a notch? Order your dinner-n-drinks and have them delivered and make it a starlight picnic. No pick-up meals, the idea is to relax.
  1. The Hobby Discovery – Pick a hobby/craft that nobody has done and work as a team to figure out how to complete this. Nobody has a significant edge, and the more you work together the more fun it becomes. Want to make it silly, toss out the directions nobody ever reads…
  1. Plan any one of the above or even a simple pick-up dinner for 7/8pm Friday or Saturday, or whenever your off day is. The key here is simple, it’s a time to look forward to, throughout the week, where you get to hang out knowing there will be no chores, no school or schooling, no work at home meetings, no zoom(ing). It’s a little reward that marks a time TO LOOK FORWARD TO. Present the kids with Good Work at Home Certificates, congratulate your partner for putting up with you for another week, celebrate being another week closer.
“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”