Creating your portraits is our privilege, that’s why we don’t charge a traditional session or creation fee.  We do request a refundable reservation fee to hold your session date and time exclusively for you.

You might be wondering how much you might spend on your portraits. The answer is… we don’t know.  Every family is different, and their portrait wants, and needs are too.  We know you’ll love your portraits and will want to own them for your home and share them with family and friends. To give you an idea of investment, our portraits start at $150 and it’s not uncommon for our clients to invest $2100 or more on gifts and portrait art for their homes. The best part, YOU get to decide after you’ve seen, and fallen in love with, your portraits.

Have more questions; that’s only natural, how about giving us a call and let’s discuss your specific needs and wishes. We are nice people and we love to talk – promise!